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Suncatchers with Colored Glue

Clementine natural glue works perfectly with color. Add a teaspoon of Clementine natural paint and stir until the paint is incorporated. I made a whole set!
Squeeze colored glue on a clean, plastic deli lid. Make swirly designs, dots and patterns.
Let dry completely.
Pop dried glue out of the lid.
Punch a hole, and hang on a string in the window.


MommyTeacher123 said...

I saw your products at Whole Foods...but I didnt see these.Awesome!

Clementine Art said...

The colored glues will be out soon, but for now, you can make your own by adding a bit of paint to our plain glue.

Everything Mom and Baby said...

I did a little shout out about Clementine on my blog, come check it out!
I hope to get some the next time I go to oink, oink!