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Studio 22 for You

Have you ever seen art that makes you want to dig deep and get busy making stuff? Studio 22 artist Kristin Fitzgerrell is an artist who reinvents the everyday. Reclaimed wood, wire and metal shapes seem fresh and new with her modern and accessible eye. Super fab bullseyes are her new thing, but she's making one of these fancy lights for me!

Renee and Jeremy

Always looking for music for children (and me) that I don't immediately want to turn off.
Don't find it very often, but here's a lovely exception.


Someday, I will have an art space that is just this pretty.

Boulder Innovation. What Recession?

Lancy Gentry [from Justin's Nut Butta] makes the observation that plenty of Boulder natural products companies are succeeding though innovation, despite economic hard times.

The Mod Green Pod

Finally! a place for groovy, eco-fabric that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

The Lemonade Stand

at the Parker Palms Springs.
Summer all year if you, like me, are not ready to let it go...