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My Kid Could Paint That

This documentary is about a child artist, who, at the age of 4, was painting wonderfully, masterfully complex abstract works that gained the attention of art dealers, collectors and the national media. Do you think she had help? Watch this thought provoking movie and decide for yourself. Click My Kid Could Paint That to watch the trailer.

Top Toxic Toy

You won't believe what ended up on the top 10 toxic toys list for 2008! Alex Crayons! I've always thought that since art supplies are labeled non-toxic, then that label must be accurate. Nope!
Alex crayons have extremely high levels of mercury. Exposure to toxic levels of mercury can lead to neurological disorders. Scary, and who knew? Click on Top Toxic Toy headline to read the list!

The Queen of Process Art

Bev Bos is one of my heroes. She is the director of the Roseville Community School in California and she has been teaching, leading workshops and otherwise transforming people who work with children for many years. Her life is about encouraging children to play, play, play. She sets up incredible environments for children - nothing is too elaborate (She has been known to 'build' forests, castles, and imported snowdrifts on her playground in California). She is the author of books on play, music, art and cooking with preschoolers (Together We're Better and Don't Move the Muffin Tins), and is considered by most to be the (very warm) mother of the process art movement. Check out her 'Good Stuff For Kids Workshop' in CA. It's a yowser!