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Big Glossy Bowls

we made some big old bowls from papier-mache, tissue, mod-podge and pom-pom trim. the girls loved them and even asked if they could eat their cereal out of them!(the answer, sadly, is no).

here's how you make them:

turn a large bowl upside-down and cover it with saran wrap. spray liberally with cooking spray.

cut strips of newspaper and mix up your papier-mache paste with flour, water and white glue. *it should be the consistency of pancake batter.

cover the bowl 2x with many strips of papier-mache.

let dry.

then cut up some tissue paper.

brush both the inside and the outside of your bowl with mod-podge (a little at a time), and cover with tissue. the add ANOTHER coat of mod-podge on top for a shiny coating.

after that layer dried we hot glued on some pom pom trim. they're gorgeous!