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Mother's Day Love Frames

Start by upcycling some old dishes from the thrift shop. 
Crush them into bits with a hammer when they're between towels.
 Glue them to a simple frame using tile adhesive from the hardware store.
 Keep gluing until you've fit all the pieces together like a puzzle. 
Let dry overnight. 

If you like a smooth look, apply some grout (from the hardware store) between the tiles with your fingers. Let dry and polish the tiles so they are clean and shiny again. 

Fill with a photo of your mom and give it to her with a big kiss for Mother's Day.

Shaving Cream Paper Marbeling

One of the easiest and cleanest ways to create groovy swirls on paper is to use shaving cream. 
It's clean, smells good, and washes right up!
 Find a tray and make little shave cream piles.
Drip a little watercolor paint or food color on it. 
 Use a toothpick, fork, chopstick or your finger to swirl it around. 
 Swirl some more until it looks awesome to you. 
Press a piece of cardstock onto the colored shave cream. Wipe off. 
An incredible design will remain. 

Garden Art with Clementine Art

Spring has come to Boulder and we're set up for painting and art in the garden of my cottage! My wee friends are joining me here for some Spring garden art on Sunday mornings. We're planning mosaic tile stepping stones, handstitched dream pillows,  decoupage flower paintings, and seashell herb gardens. I'll post all of our projects here, in case you'd like to try some in your garden too!
We're starting with giant frame wooden mirrors from Ikea. After we paint them, we'll cover them with glass mosaic tiles or even colorful flowers. Stay tuned to see how they turn out. 

Dollar store silk flowers,  $6
Clementine Art at the easels.
 Easel = large sheet of plywood + a gorilla clip. Viola!

Big Glossy Bowls

we made some big old bowls from papier-mache, tissue, mod-podge and pom-pom trim. the girls loved them and even asked if they could eat their cereal out of them!(the answer, sadly, is no).

here's how you make them:

turn a large bowl upside-down and cover it with saran wrap. spray liberally with cooking spray.

cut strips of newspaper and mix up your papier-mache paste with flour, water and white glue. *it should be the consistency of pancake batter.

cover the bowl 2x with many strips of papier-mache.

let dry.

then cut up some tissue paper.

brush both the inside and the outside of your bowl with mod-podge (a little at a time), and cover with tissue. the add ANOTHER coat of mod-podge on top for a shiny coating.

after that layer dried we hot glued on some pom pom trim. they're gorgeous!