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Clementine simplicity can be applied to anything.
Even pretty grey dresses and leather sandals.
This shot is from www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com


Barbara Kingsolver and her family lived as locavores for one year. Better for health, better for the planet, not to mention better taste. Read about it in her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It will have you craving summer heirloom tomatoes and planning your summer garden patch.

Let's Go Everywhere

Medeski martin and wood are groovy jazz musicians.
Now they've made a very nice children's cd.

What is the What

Dave Eggers is my hands-down favorite writer.
The courage, resilience and strength you read of will inspire you.
It is a gift for the season.

Stuff a Stocking

Mod Market

Mod Market is my new fave place to grab lunch in Boulder.
Their flatbread pizza has whole wheat crust.They've got fruit infused sparkling water flowing from their soda fountain, and they offer receipts that display the calorie count and nutrition information
for your meal. I also love the super groovy, white setting.
They're doing something new; healthy, modern and delicious.

Festive Star Garland Project

We're making festive star garlands with clementine soy crayons.
Put 'em in a window, or on your tree for some natural cheer.

Children Know This Already

New Fave

Natalia Columbo might be my new favorite illustrator. I found her via the extra sweet blog Kickcan and Conkers.

Instant Smile

Rosie, my goddaughter's Yorkie-poo, had 4 puppies. Their eyes are opened now at 3 weeks.

Pear Galette

I'm making this pear galette from Martha Stewart for our Clementine holiday party.
I hope mine is as pretty. I think the secret is in the sanding sugar.

Non-Toxic is Just the Beginning

Is non-toxic good enough for precious littles? Diana weighs in on the LOHAS blog.
Click the title to read her article.

Sweet Simplicity

Wow, do I love children's art the most.