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Colored Sandies: Sand and Glue Painting

Sand Painting is the art of pouring colored sands, powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, and pigments from other natural sources onto a surface to make a painting.

Sand Painting is a part of many indigenous cultures including Native American, Aboriginal, and Tibetan Buddhist.

All you need to make sand paintings at home is some colored sand, Clementine natural glue, and some heavyweight paper.
A second option is to sprinkle sand on a sticky surface such as clear contact paper (above).

What children learn: color mixing (blending), the properties of materials (sticky, grainy), how things work (glue is sticky), design and planning.


Ann said...

I'm following! I love your paints!

Clementine Art said...

Thanks for the follow Ann. I'm so glad you're enjoying Clementine paint.