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Magic Watercolors: Crayon Resist

I loved invisible ink when I was little. The idea of being able to pen secret messages only to be revealed later with a top-secret process fueled all sorts of imaginative play scenarios - all quite mysterious.

All you need to make invisible, magically revealed watercolor art is Clementine natural paint, watercolor brushes and paper, and a white crayon or candle.

Start by drawing a secret design on the white paper. Since it's white-on-white, it might even end up being a surprise to you!

Then, mix 1 T Clementine natural paint with 1/4 C water. Shake or stir well. Use watercolor, (soft bristle) brushes to paint over your hidden design.

What children learn: 2 step process, properties of materials (oil vs. water), resist technique, self expression, discovery.

1 comment:

TwigandToadstool said...

Love the rainbow colours!! I remember doing this as a kid...we just might have to get out the crayons and paint in the morrow!
:) great creative blog!