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Perfect Little Abstracts: Melted Crayon Art

Creamy natural crayons + warm surfaces = melty lusciousness

All you need is a warming tray, paper, foil and Clementine natural soy crayons.

First wrap foil over the warming tray and set it to LOW.

When it's warm, draw on it with crayons.

Then press paper gently over the melted wax.

Use a rolling pin to evenly soak up the wax and lift off warming tray with tongs.

Safety Note: Watch your child's fingers, and don't touch the foil or the warming tray

Enjoy your abstract expressions!

What children learn: the properties of materials (hot, melted, cool, hard), printmaking (mirror images), color mixing, self-expression, discovery and how to keep their bodies safe using real-life tools (warm tray).

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