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Winter is Here

Brr. It's cold outside!You might be looking for a sweet winter art project to do with your children. This one is gooey, messy fun.

Make a Winter Snowperson to keep you company this season.

Start with some newspaper strips, Clementine natural glue, a handful of flour, and a bit of water. Make a thin paste (think pancake batter), and begin to dip and wrap the strips around balls of newspaper until you've got 3 balls, of various sizes. Let them dry.
Attach them together with skewers, or a hot glue gun. Paint them white, or lots of colors with Clementine natural paint.

Sprinkle with natural confetti or glitter, let dry.

Start embellishing. Add a jaunty hat, some button eyes, a dough nose, and some wooden bits for buttons. Add some arms made from outdoor twigs, and a broom if you like.

viola! your sweet winter friend.

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