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The Nag Factor

Marketing to children is creepy.

The film 'The Corporation' reveals some serious manipulation on the part of children's product manufacturers to perfect the 'nag factor', that is, marketing to children to encourage them to nag their parents to purchase something. Video via Elephant Journal.

Have you ever wondered why Clementine packaging is so clean, lovely and sophisticated? It's designed to attract the eye of the parent. We left off the characters, chaos and noise because we believe that simple is best for children and that our colorful art materials should speak for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

That is just so wrong! Sadly, there gets to a point where we just get used to all this overload of toy and children products adds, and used to being nagged by our children where we could go through life and not even notice sometimes. We really need to make a change as a society. As parents, we need to demand a change! Thanks for sharing!