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Mother's Day Gift: Citrus Peel Soap

Calling all dads and children looking for a sweet homemade gift to make for Mother's Day this year. All natural citrus peel soap smells good enough to eat, is rich and nourishing to the skin, and is easy to make. So gather up the ingredients, roll up your sleeves, and head into the kitchen with your little one. This soap contains Olive Oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidants to reduce free radical skin damage; citrus peel, a natural exfoliant and fabulous source of vitamin C, also a strong antioxidant; and lovely essential oils to provide moisture and soothing aromatherapy. Mom will love it.

I always delighted in giving my own mom handmade noodle necklaces, macaroni frames, and giant lumps of fired clay in the shape of ashtrays (she didn't smoke). The homemade gifts were the ones she kept. Long after the gilded spritzer of perfume from Christmas was carefully stored away, the awkward and crooked homemade gifts were the ones permanently displayed on the coffee table. She must have felt the love in them.

You'll Need:
  • 1 lb block soap (olive oil, glycerin, goat's milk are all good choices; available at craft stores)
  • Molds (mini loaf pans, muffin tins or special soap molds are good choices)
  • Turmeric powder (available at herbal and health food stores).
  • Lemon and orange essential oils
  • Fresh lemon and orange
  • Zester
  • Pretty paper and ribbon for wrapping

Try it Now:
  1. Cut a block of soap into approximately 4" x 2" chunks and place in a microwave safe pitcher or bowl. Warm for 30 seconds to one minute, taking care to catch it before it foams over.
  2. Remove from microwave and add 1/8th teaspoon turmeric powder. Stir with a spoon until dissolved.
  3. Add 2-4 drops of orange essential oil until you are satisfied with the smell
  4. Grate 1 tsp of orange zest into the mixture and stir until combined.

5. Pour into selected mold. Let set for 45 minutes and freeze for 10 minutes more before demolding.

6. Repeat with process for another bar of soap with more or less color. Use just a tiny speck of powder for lemon soap and substitute lemon zest and essential oil for orange. Make as many bars as you like.

7. Wrap in pretty paper or tissue and tie with a ribbon.


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Mrs. Bianca said...

Wonderful step-by-step instructions. Definitely going to try this!

Anonymous said...


Stacy @ A Delightful Home said...

Oh, these are beautiful! I bet they smell great. Can't wait to try it. You made it look so doable.

Kel said...

These Look Fantastic. I'm keen to give them a go for Christmas Gifts this year. One Question Is there a substitute for the tumeric powder to make a lime version?

Clementine Art said...

Hi Kel,

Sure! If you mix a bit of spinach powder (available online) with turmeric, you'll get a great, citrus-y green. The key is to use mostly yellow, and just a touch of green for it to look limey. You can easily find lime extract for the scent too.

Happy soapmaking!


Fresh Juniper said...

I absolutely adore your soap tutorial and the photos are divine. I included it with links to you on my Mother's Day Gift Tutorials post here:


Happy Mother's Day!