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Recycled Bubble Wrap Prints

I always have piles of used packing supplies in my recycle bin. This colorful project is a great way to reuse what you might ordinarily throw away. It is a simple introduction to printmaking and can be done with children as young as two. Printmaking encourages the child's understanding of color-mixing, cause and effect, and multi-step processes. We did this project at Clementine Studio recently with a class of toddlers.

Set out large brushes or rollers with brightly colored tempera paint.

Tape bubble wrap to your table cover. Newspaper or a reusable, coated tablecloth work well.
Paint on the bubble wrap until you feel happy.

Press a sheet of paper on top of the paint and rub lightly. Peel off the paper to reveal your print.


Kickcan & Conkers said...

This looks great fun!

Megan Alisa said...

Those are really beautiful. I could see framing them and putting then on a wall for a urban feel. :)

VmnP said...

It is a really nice craft idea! Your blog is a good find for today. Un saluto da Roma

Little Birdie said...

Needed an idea for my art class tomorrow! I will re-post to my blog today...thank you for the inspiration!



justfeltlike said...

It certainly looks like it's great fun but I find the cute little girly's golden curls more adorable than the art prints. :)